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Happy Lunar New Year!


The Sale Continueth!


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Happy Lunar New Year




We figured that you have been inundated with all the Holiday emails and New Year emails so we have held off until now. It's a slow holiday weekend, a bit of a surprise since the roads are all clear including the passes.

Tasting room traffic tends to be mostly nonexistent in January. Many wineries close for the winter but some of us live and work at our wineries and keep the doors unlocked. If you are planning a visit, it is always best to call ahead. Posted hours may not be reliable. Ours usually are, but the odd emergency does come up.


Free home wine deliveries this next week. Barbara will be going over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house on Friday, January 20. She is planning to spend the next week visiting family and friends and bringing wine to doorsteps. Call, text, message, or email us if you would like our wine on your doorstep.

Instructions on how to order are near the end of this missive.

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The Sale Continueth

Because, why not? Let's call it our January White sale, although two of the wines are red.

We have some absolutely prime wines that are ready to drink now. We are really enjoying the 2015 Séve and the 2015 Zort and 2015 Angelica MRS, but we want to move them along and we would like people to drink them now when they are fabulous.
These three wines are at the crest of evolution, they should be drinking well for another couple of years.

Beginning of year special on our Sève, 50% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. The Sève is our favorite with many Thai dishes. Thai fresh rolls on a warm day with a chilled glass is delightful. We also drink it regularly with stir-fried vegetables from the garden finished with some peanut sauce. Even though I rarely have wine without food, a glass of Sève is often in the kitchen as I prep. I really like Chenin Blanc! I’m especially proud that it is the first, but not last, variety on which we have never used any type of pesticide. Planted in 2010.
Angelica MRS 30% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. It is now pumpkin pie season, great pairing with our Angelica.

Zort 2015 30% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. A new vintage for us chocolate lovers. Buy two and get an Intrigue Chocolate bar (value $12). Mostly Zinfandel with touches of Temprañillo and Sangiovese. Right now, I’m test driving it with Intrigue Chocolate’s Guajillo Chili, Hibiscus, Cassia Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean chocolate bar. They are made for each other! The nice thing with Zort is you can take a couple of weeks to consume the bottle. Just put it in the pantry with the chocolate. The bar is 100 grams and I find 10 grams a generous portion. I find a ratio of 2-3 bottles per bar about right. We can also deliver Intrigue Chocolate with your wine order.

In recognition of the increasing food prices all of us are facing, we have decided to bring back our half-price deals on B's Blend and Sangiovese. There is a twist, you get the first six bottles of either wine at half price and then regular club case pricing (20% off) on the any other six. It can be a mixed case, of course. If it is too confusing, just let us know how many cases and we will figure it out for you.


In the Vineyard with Paul

We’ve passed the Winter Solstice, the calendar has turned it’s pages.

It’s a foggy damp here. I pruned a row this morning. Barbara has me at the keyboard this afternoon to write a newsletter.
So, for lunch, I dug into the library and pulled out a 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon. When I opened one a couple of months ago it was over the hill, I used it for really tasty hot spiced wine. This bottle is lovely, I had a second glass with lunch. Should you have any of this in your cellar, drink it now. Really there is no reason to keep wine past ten years, unless like for me, it’s research. 2004 is on a downward trajectory. I’m hopeful that the 2022 will turn out as well.
Let’s see how it works as literary (?) inspiration.
The last month plus has been a bit cooler than average; we’ve had snow on the ground since the first of December. Temperatures have gone to low single digits. But it’s mostly been 20’s to low 30’s. Perfect for dormant grapes. They acclimate to the weather and are capable of handling below zero temperatures. I prefer this week’s weather. Mostly above 32F, snow melting away, but that means slush and mud for a bit.
Snow is a good thing. It insulates the soil and is moisture. Here in a desert, all winter precipitation is good! The sheep are glad the grass is accessible again.
So far, no cold damage to vines or trees, even my Rosemary is doing OK. But we don’t relax till mid-May!
The salad greens in the garden took a beating. The plants that have been harvested fared poorly and won’t be giving a second cutting. The plants seeded in late October are surviving and will take off early Spring. The plants seeded in September that haven’t been cut yet may provide some forage this winter.
Now that I’m spending $10 a pound for salad greens that are a week old, it makes me think again that I should build an earth-sheltered green house. In April I often take 30-80 pounds of salad greens every week to the local food bank. If I lived west of the Cascades, I’d be eating out of the garden with just my raised beds and low tunnels. Some years here I can have a salad from the garden every day, but most winters I’m stuck with buying greens December through Valentine’s Day.
I love 10-minute-old salad greens with 8-year-old wine!
OK, I just had to take the dogs out and the 12 ounces of wine combined with a gray foggy day has me thinking of a nap.
Instead, I’ve made an espresso with some Intrigue Chocolate, Cardamom hot chocolate base, what a lovely blend. Hey Aaron, have you tried Grains of Paradise for hot chocolate?
That reminds me I promised Barbara bacon covered with dark chocolate as a birthday present. I got some good bacon yesterday so I better take another break and get that going. Back soon.
If you get the idea I’d rather walk dogs, pet cats, and be in the kitchen, rather than be on a computer, you are correct! Barbara prefers computer to kitchen so it works out well.
This morning I was pruning Sémillon. It has been a marvelous grape in our vineyard. Planted in 2006, the vines were sprayed once in 2011 with Stylet Oil, an approved Organic treatment, for Powdery Mildew. About 10% was sprayed again in 2012. Since then, our canopy management has improved and the only inputs have been water, sweat, and a little compost.
It is a fun grape for a winemaker. By itself it is beautiful if given time to evolve, I like it when it hits about 7 years old, the 2016 Oyster White I opened a few days ago is reaching its top of the curve. Ready for when the delightful 2015 Oyster White is sold out. One of the great myths of wine is “white wines don’t age.” Yet many of the World’s most renowned old wine are white. Like Château d'Yquem made from Sémillon.
Marketing people and accountants have conspired to promote cash flow for wineries. Hence, drink white wines young. It’s expensive to park bottled wine in a warehouse for five years. It’s not sensible business. But it makes good wine. What’s the point of growing great grapes, making fine wine, and then drinking it before it’s mature? Oh, I guess it’s cash flow.
I like Sémillon as a sole-variety wine, Oyster White, AND how it plays well with others. Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc is the classic White Bordeaux blend. Sémillon-Chardonnay is a common Australian blend. I do two wines that are Sémillon-Riesling blends, B’s Blend and Angelica MRS.


Oyster White, B's Blend, Angelica MRS


Sémillon is used for dry table wine, slightly sweet table wines, and very sweet late harvest types. I’ve found wines in all styles that are scrumptious.

Woohoo! The mail just brought one of my seed orders. I think I’ll get some things started indoors this weekend to plant out in February. Artichokes, Joi Choi, and Tuscan Kale. Maybe some lettuces too. In a few weeks I’ll get the tropical plants, peppers, and tomatoes going.
Why am I a winegrower?
I like to grow things and make them into wonderful meals to share, and wine can make most meals better.
Why are you a wine drinker? Let us know!

Below are Goldilocks in the snow and Monkey and Pippa resting after a long snow walk. Hard to be the outside spoon when you are so much smaller!



Bung it in the Boot
(of our Car)!

The next free delivery will be beginning January 20. Get your orders in as soon as you can and we will put you in our wine wagon and deliver it to you.


How to Order Wine

Your honored status as our returning customer gets you 10% off of 2 bottles through 11 bottles and 20% - 50% off of 12 bottles or more. These discounts are already reflected below and in the order forms: PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.

Here is the list of wines available and their prices:


Bottle Price



2021 Rosé Paradiso 750ml



2015 Oyster White 750ml



2015 Sève 750ml (50%)



2016 B's Blend 750ml (first 6)



2016 B's Blend 750ml



2016 Sangiovese 750ml (first 6)



2016 Sangiovese 750ml



2014 Rojo Paradisos 750ml



2015 Zort 375ml (30%) (NEW)



2015 Angelica MRS 375ml (30%)



Intrigue Chocolate Bars





Want to send wine? We can do that for you. Or you can go to VinoShipper and do it yourself. Shipping is dependent on weather, can't do it if it is too cold or too hot. Give us a call and we can help with your arrangements.

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  3. You can get a gift card from us either electronically or we can send out a physical gift card for you. Give us a call for the physical card 509.829.9000.
  4. If your wine gift is going out of the state of Washington, you can order via VinoShipper. Whether we can ship to that location during the winter is dependent on the weather. If it is too hot, we have to hold off on shipping until the weather cools off a bit. If it is too cold, then we need to wait for things to warm up a bit. 


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You are welcome to spend time outdoors, take a walk around the vineyard, or a longer walk around our neighborhood. We can direct you to walks of 1-10 miles, bring your dog!


We are still doing vineyard tours Sunday through Friday if you happen to be in the area.

We are so very thankful that you include us in your wine consumption and we hope that you will keep us in your rotation.
Thanks so much for continuing to support our tiny winery. And for supporting zero-pesticide organically grown wines.

Asking for a bit of help

Like many small wineries depending on direct-to-consumer sales, the past two years have been difficult.
Google reviews have become very important to small businesses. So too, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. But when it comes to searches, Google rules.
If you want to give us some support (other than the obvious of buying more wine), the best thing you can do is to take a few minutes and share your perspective on our tiny winery.
Go here on Google and look under reviews and add your own. Also feel free to post a photo or two or three. Thank you to those that have already done this for us!

All the best from our home to yours,

Paul and Barbara












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