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The Videos . . .


Paradisos del Sol Winery Virtual Tour in YouTube


This was filmed for us by our good friend Andy Elliot (a Peabody award-winning journalist). We think he captured the essence of Paradisos in this short film (under four minutes).


Paul Talks


We have a variety of short talks by Paul done in the vineyard. These are all available on YouTube. 


Live Owl Cam


The Barn Owl cam is done for the year! Ten eggs were laid by Amaria (our resident mama owl) and nine hatched out. We have had so much fun watching them grow. You can too, next year!


Use this link if you want to view the owl cam via a computer:
Paradisos del Sol Owl Cam for Computers and Laptops.

If you are trying to look at this streaming camera on an iOS device, tune in with this URL instead:
Paradisos del Sol Owl Cam for iOS.

Android, Blackberry, and other RTSP compatible devices can use the following URL:
Paradisos del Sol Owl Cam for Droid.)

If you cannot access the bird cam or you get an error message, please let us know. We cannot fix what we don’t know about. Either email us or give us a ring (509.829.9000). This number also works for texting.

Barn owls do not make those nice little “hoo hoo” sounds. Much more like a yelling screech. Very loud and a bit obnoxious. And right outside our bedroom window. But we get used to it and it is nice to know we helped more owls come into this world and that lots of rodents are disappearing because of them. They also twitter a lot which is a much nicer sound. We see them every night flying around with their soundless wings.


Live Kestrel Cam


We have a camera in our kestrel box, but so far no kestrels have decided to live there yet. We are hopeful that someone will move in, last year the box was empty all year. You will be the first to know if we get some tenants.






Paradisos del Sol


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Updated 2021-02-13