We started out only selling wine. Then we added hats and glasses and t-shirts. Now we have a larger selection of items. We can send these to you or better yet, come by in person and taste some wine and get something special to remember your visit in addition to bringing home our wine.




image034Paradisos del Sol logo glasses $3


Viticole 7.25 oz.: The INAO (Institut National des Appelations d’Origine) has long been the designer of a tasting glass for serious wine buffs. It is in general use in Europe. It is 6 inches tall and holds 7 1/4 ounces.



   Large wine glasses (20 oz) $8 (box of 6 for $30)


The large – 20 oz – wine glass, practically holds a bottle! Of course, you only want to fill it one-third full so you have lots of swilling room. The box of 6 is a great deal.


image007   Paradisos del Sol logo hats $10


Brushed cotton twill low-profile pro style. Fabric with buckle closure, no Velcro.


image036   Paradisos del Sol logo wine pourers (DropStop®) $1


This simple yet ingenious item is a patented sturdy bendable metal circle that you push into the bottle neck to then pour without any dripping.


image038With the DropStop® you will never get stained tablecloths again. Reusable - after use simply rinse under the tap. It can be used for several years. This unique invention has become a must for those who enjoy wine.


image039image039Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail Snake Earrings $5


Earrings made from Laser-cut Baltic birch wooden snake charms. Very light weight. A great souvenir of your visit to the Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail.


Turkey earrings  Thanksgiving Turkey Earrings  $20


Barbara makes earrings (on occasion) from wine bottles to turkeys. Whatever is available is in the tasting room, but some can be ordered. This is a fun pair to wear during the month of November (mmm, that is Thanksgiving in Wine Country month).




Updated 2019-05-28

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