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This is not a recipe, itís a concept



Kevin & I picked our best Bings and pitted them. We put about 2 lbs. in our blender with 1 lb. frozen raspberries, 1 lb. frozen boysenberries, 2 leaves of our Caribbean spearmint, and 10 oz. of Paradisos Red (it keeps it from freezing as hard).


Blast it through the blender and voila! Itís a sorbet with the flavor profile of our Paradisos Red. With the raspberries, it makes the wine taste bitter, but the profile matches better. The cherry-boysenberry blend doesnít bring forth the bitterness. Who knows why?! Not I.


Want to match Sauvignon Blanc flavors? Think honeydew melon, pineapple. Our Angelica? Whirl the spiced pears through a blender while frozen.




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