2009 Rosé Paradiso

Vineyard del Sol

Rattlesnake Hills, Yakima Valley, Washington

Alc 12.5%


The Back Label:


This wine marks 10 years of making Rosé Paradiso—a decade of rich, complex, dry, barrel-fermented, barrel-aged pink succulence. We base this on the Sangiovese grape and blend in bits of most every variety we grow, resulting in loads of flavors and complex aromas.


Enjoy it chilled for warm summer days or au natural on those cooler days with a winter feast of ham or turkey cooked over a wood fire. Smoked salmon, grilled pork, roast chicken, potato salad, and corn on the cob are some of our other favored companions.


More information from the winegrower:


Our first Rosé, 10 vintages ago, was a salvage effort. Can we make something good from this Cabernet Sauvignon caught by an early frost? We can always dump it if it’s crap.


Well, it turned out great! It was our start down this road of barrel-fermented DRY Rosé.


Now we do it for passion, not necessity.


We drink as much Rosé as anything else. It is a match for so many favorite foods:


·     Salmon burgers

·     Roast turkey (we grow our own)

·     Ham (ditto)

·     Mac-n-cheese, daddy style

·     Smoked salmon salad

·     Tuna sandwich

·     Potato salad

·     Roast chicken

·     Baked potato with broccoli

·     Corn on the cob


Now we start with three barrels of Sangiovese Rosé and one barrel that has five gallons (or more) of everything else—Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Temprańillo, Petite Sirah—it’s the “Rosé Melange” barrel.


It all spends 10-12 months in barrels that are at least 8 years old, most are now 20.



09, 10, 11-09





R.S. .0002%



Fall 2011

92 cases

12.5% alc


Where do I get more?


Paradisos del Sol wine is always available at our tasting room or by calling us at 509.829.9000 (we deliver to the greater Seattle area and ship to a small number of states). We are also found in a very tiny number of wine shops. Please look on the Order page of our web site for the current list.


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