2009 Oyster White

Vineyard del Sol

Rattlesnake Hills, Yakima Valley, Washington

Alc 12.5%


The Back Label:


I am very fond of crab, halibut, walleye, and chicken in a tarragon sauce, but Walleye White or Chicken White just doesn’t sound as elegant! I’m not actually fond of oysters, I eat them to be polite and I like to chase them down with good wine.


This is a dulcet, flavor full wine based on a cultivar that grows better here than anywhere else in the world, one of Washington’s best varieties for fish and poultry . . . Sémillon.


Carefully grown to have tropical fruit aromatics. Barrel fermented and aged in aged oak for roundness, suppleness, and complex flavors. Crisp acidity brings harmony to a seafood dish—skip the lemon, you’ve got this wine!


Critics Reviews:


“This is how I like whites! This is really good! Can I buy a case?”

Bill Mechem, Winemaker


“We like this a lot. We should have gotten more 2008, so we want to take a case of this now.”

Dana and Todd, Winery volunteers


“This is really good! I like it better than the 2008. I want a case.”

Lyn O., Former Wine Shop Owner


“The best white wine I’ve ever had.”

Amy, Web Site Designer


Naw, I don’t like it so much.”

Amy’s friend

(Amy’s friend doesn’t like Brie cheese, but Amy does!”


We have found a distinct correlation between people liking Brie cheese and also liking this vintage of our Oyster White. If you really dislike Brie, you probably won’t like this Oyster White.


Since we don’t take wine writers to lunch and don’t spend a lot of money entering wine competitions, these are our reviewers—the people who come to our tasting room.


People usually taste our wine before they buy. They are the only critics who count, the ones who pay us.





pH 3.28



R.S. 0.022

pH 3.23



88 cases

12.5% alc


Fermented in barrels that were six to eight years old (almost neutral flavors). Fermented by Symphony—a two-species yeast. Fined with bentonite clay and sterile filtered.


Where do I get more?


Paradisos del Sol wine is always available at our tasting room or by calling us at 509.829.9000 (we deliver to the greater Seattle area and ship to a small number of states). We are also found in a very tiny number of wine shops. Please look on the Order page of our web site for the current list.


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