Paradisos del Sol Recipes


Flaming Pears (or Peaches)

Paul Vandenberg


          1    can        pears, 16 ounce (or peaches)

          1    pinch     ground cloves

          1    pinch     ground ginger

          1    pinch     ground cinnamon

          1    pinch     ground nutmeg

          6    drops     vanilla

          2    ounces   brandy (optional, to make it flaming)


Place pears with syrup in sauté pan on high. Add ground spices, but not the vanilla nor the brandy. Cook until the syrup is reduced to 1/3 the original volume. Add drops of vanilla.


Flaming Part (optional): Add brandy, ignite with match or lighter.


Flames will be 2 feet tall and will last for about 10 seconds. For a sparkling effect, throw a pinch of cinnamon into the flames. This is most dramatic with the lights off!


Brandy and vanilla are both optional.


In the summer this can be made in advance and served cold.


Try this with our dessert wine, Angelica G. Other good food matches with our Angelica are pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and flan. Enjoy!




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