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Chocolate Chipotle Turkey Chili with Molé Sauce

(or Chocolat Chipotle Chili con Pavo y Molé)

(or Tchoxatl Tchopotle Chili con Hueyxolotl y Molli)



The Prelude


List of Ingredients:



Hindquarters of 2 turkeys:


Slow cooked on the barby nice and smoky then boil it in 2 bottles of vino and 1 ˝ gallons water. Skin and bones discarded, meat chopped and saved, broth saved.




Brown 4-5 pounds ground turkey



3 oz dried ancho/pasilla chiles (6-8 chiles)

3 oz dried New Mexican chiles (6-8 chiles)

The chiles should be fresh and pliable, not dry and hard

Baked in 350 degree oven for 6 minutes

Remove stem and seeds and pulverize in blender




Use 5 oz chili powder



In large skillet cook 1 ˝ pounds yellow onion at low heat 8-10 minutes, low sizzle.



Toast and grind:

2 Tbl whole coriander

2 Tbl whole cumin

Add to chili powder

Add powder and spices to onion

Raise heat to medium high

Stir constantly 2-3 minute to uniformly heat spice



The Pot


In your large pot, heat the 1 ˝ to 2 gallons broth to low boil.



1.    The onions and heated chile mixture

2.    1 Tbl oregano (dry crumb)

3.    The turkey meat

4.    32 oz canned tomato

5.    2 lbs Hershey unsweetened baker’s chocolate (the closest thing I find at the market to “just chocolate”)

6.    ˝ cup Masa (the thickener, buy a bag, you want this to make fresh homemade tortillas for the chili, it’s fun and easy!)

7.    2 tsps powdered Chipotle (make it yourself or order it from Kevin’s Jellybean Store, SASE with $1 to Kevin/Chipotle, 3230 Highland Dr, Zillah, WA  98953)

8.    Salt to taste (2 tsp)

9.    Optional: add ˝ jar (8 oz) of commercial molé sauce


Yield is about 3 gallons! Simmer a few hours then for best results, serve the day after assembly with freshly made tortillas and a pot of beans.


It freezes fine. You may want to add more masa to get the thickness back. It’s best to simmer 4-5 hours after thawing. Hey, this is where crock pots shine!


Chile is the sauce that turns beans and tortillas into food for the gods which happens to be the Aztec meaning of tchoxatl.



The Tortillas


It really is pretty simple – made by peasants with stone-age tools and open fires for millennia.


Really easy with a bag o’ masa and a 400 degree pancake grill.


Add water to the mix per directions.

Roll a ball into a flat. (Or press it down with a glass pan.)

90 seconds on each side

Boom – a tortilla!

Total time when ya get it down about 6 minutes for the first tortilla then ya crank out one every 60 seconds.


Fun to do at a casual party.



The Wine


Now, if you take all the time to make this, don’t screw it up by having “a nice Merlot.” SANGIOVESE ! ! ! THAT’S THE WINE! Or Rojo Paradiso.


We, of course, created this recipe specifically for our Paradisos Red.





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