2013 B’s Blend

Rattlesnake Hills, Yakima Valley, Washington

Alc 12.9%


The Back Label:


Make Tuesday feel more like Friday! B’s Blend turns tuna casserole into pasta del mar which makes my wife happy, hence the name.


We believe wine to be an important part of the family meal, even families of one. So, we dedicate part of our production to “everyday wines.” This is the Monday through Thursday wine to go with your favorite weekday dinners.


This is a blend of Riesling and Semillon from our vineyard. The vines were carefully managed and needed no insecticide or fungicide sprays. Our wholistic approach eliminates the need for chemical inputs. We used tanks instead of barrels and bottled it young, retaining a tiny bit of the sweetness of the grapes.


And just a bit more information:


B is for Barbara who drinks my wine

I got lucky, she is divine


B’s Blend was previously known as the Under Ten Buck White. This meant that restaurants weren’t crazy about buying it.


Barbara is very fond of Semillon and Riesling together in a glass. Me too! We do the combo as a table wine, B’s Blend, and as a dessert wine, Angelica SR.


This is meant to be an everyday wine. The wine to bring life to a meal after a day in the coal mine.


Versatile with many foods: either the main course or the appetizer.


It has a touch of sweetness, too much for some, not enough for others. Barbara, Summer, and Megan like it. Kellé? Not so much. Oyster White or Rosé for her! I think it is pretty darn yummy on a hot day as “Lazy White Sangria,” half wine and half lemon-lime soda and a few ice cubes.


Lunch with a chicken sandwich? Watch out chickens!


We grow Riesling and Sémillon in order to make four different wines.


1.       Riesling as a varietal. In over thirty years I have not found a grape to blend that makes it better.

2.       Sémillon I use to make our Oyster White, not 100%, it has a secret ingredient.

3.       Our white Angelica, a dessert wine made  to make the most of pumpkin pie, and

4.       B’s Blend, the simply made combo for daily life.


B’s Blend uses grapes from vines that have NOT been sprayed with anything. What organic IS meant to be.


We spend a lot of time hand working our canopy to make it unsuitable to fungus and insect pests. We don’t own a “spray rig.” My philosophy: if you need to spray you are not maintaining an optimal canopy, at least here in the Columbia Valley.


We picked nice ripe grapes, crushed and pressed them to small tanks. We used no chemical inhibitors, so our indigenous microbes could ferment. We added cultured yeasts to ensure full fermentation. We used a strain that has low alcohol tolerance to keep one tank with residual sugar.


We put them together in the spring and bottled them. Then off to a cool dark room to evolve in the bottle.


Ingredients: grapes, yeast, bentonite clay, potassium metabisulfite


Free SO2








2013-10-16 2013-10-17





R.S. 1.2 g/100ml

pH 3.32



at bottling

33 ppm




303 cases

TA 0.73



Where do I get more?


Paradisos del Sol wine is always available at our tasting room or by calling us at 509.829.9000 (we deliver to the greater Seattle area and ship to a small number of states). We are also found in a very tiny number of wine shops. Please look on the order page of our web site for the current list.


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